Olivia is national champion - nine times!

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News - 17 November

A Year 7 Homewood School student is set to achieve her dream of representing England internationally at her sport, after scooping no less than nine individual national baton twirling championship titles.

Olivia won the clutch of 1st podium places at the recent 2021 National Baton Twirling Championships in Devon, with performances at both intermediate and advanced level that wowed the judges.

Her achievements don’t stop there, either. Two years ago the tender age of nine she was selected by the NBTA judges and technical board to represent England in the 2020 World Championships, making her the youngest athlete to join the national team. An England team was also needed for the 2022 European championships in Italy and Olivia was over the moon when she was also selected for this squad as well.

These events usually take place in alternate years but, thanks to the delays caused by COVID, they are now likely to take place in 2022, and Olivia will be the youngest athlete to represent England individually in both.

Olivia’s mum, who is also her coach, knows only too well what it takes to succeed in the sport as she was once a competitor herself. She is extremely proud of not only how well her daughter has already done but also how she is handling her success, taking time to support and encourage her teammates, as well as other competitors, before celebrating her own achievements.

Well done Olivia - we are proud of you too!