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Fortitude Community

Welcome to the Fortitude community.

Fortitude students are the very embodiment of the Homewood Habits. Our students exhibit ambition, determination, enthusiasm, collaboration and self-control in everything they do and we are immensely proud of their attitudes and their achievements.

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To contact with the Fortitude Office, please email in to:

Meet the Team

Mrs Gaygan: Head of Community

The Head of Community oversees the quality of education for the students in Fortitude and for

the following subjects:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Social Sciences

The Head of Community works closely with teachers to ensure that your child receives the best possible education here at Homewood. While the Head of Community is always willing to discuss any issues, she may not be the person who can help you in the first instance.

Mrs Osborne: Assistant Head of Community

The Assistant Head of Community works closely with students and parents/carers to ensure that your child maintains the highest levels of positive behaviour- we call these the Homewood Habits- so that they are successful learners throughout their time at the school.

Family Liaison Officer

The Family Liaison Officer works closely with students and parents to ensure that children attend school every day and support them with their emotional welfare.

Mrs Ramsden/Miss Luke: Community Coordinators

After your child’s Form Tutor, the Community Coordinator is your next point of contact should you need to contact the school directly. In the event of needing to communicate with someone in the Community Office, please contact Mrs Ramsden (Mon/Tue) or Miss Luke (Wed/Thu/Fri) and they will direct your communication to the most appropriate person. Mrs Ramsden/Miss Luke can be reached at or on 01580 764222 ex. 2349

Work produced by Emily - Media Studies

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Art and Design

GCSE Photography - Texture Project - Cyanotype Final Piece



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