Dinner Menu

Pabulum provides the catering services at Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre: Pabulum’s Vision is to be at the forefront of improving the next generation’s health and well-being, by shaping the food culture in education that inspires a passion and love of fresh food – without compromise.

We feel so strongly about educating the younger generation on healthy eating by providing fresh and wholesome food, as it's through a balanced diet and healthy food choices that students can maintain higher classroom concentration levels. 94% of our food is freshly prepared in Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre kitchen and 75% of the food is British and locally sourced. 

At Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre we have a dedicated Pabulum team led by Steve Harmsworth, Executive Chef Manager. The team provide fresh food through the provision of morning break and
lunch service.

At morning break you can expect to see a range of wraps, filled baguettes and bloomer bread sandwiches accompanied by fresh fruit and homemade yoghurt. There is always a wide variety of options for lunch service including a variety of freshly prepared main meals and tasty vegetarian alternatives, with a range of hot and chilled grab and go products, and our extensive street food offer.

The menus are available online at Pabulum Catering To find out more about Pabulum, our suppliers or our company initiatives then  please check out our website at Pabulum Catering for the latest blogs and news stories, or alternatively, you can call us on:

Tel: 01252 819991