Performing Arts

Performing Arts

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New York Trip 2023 

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Sinden Rocks 2022/23

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Dance Celebrations of Achievement

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Community Event 2023

The school is committed to enable all students to develop a range of skills linked to a variety of disciplines within Performing Arts.  Creativity is an integral part of our students learning journey and they are encouraged to develop theoretical learning through creativity and practice as a means to build and develop knowledge and understanding and increase self esteem and confidence.

All students at KS3 have bespoke lessons in Dance, Drama and Music.  There are numerous opportunities for students to share their learning through exhibitions, competitions, showcases, concerts and via social media to celebrate achievements and reach a wider audience.  At KS4, the Year 9  pathway ensures all students have the opportunity to select from a range of creative and Performing Arts to continue building on the skills, techniques, knowledge of practitioners, performance, devising and analytical analysis of set works.

We also offer a range of further qualifications including RSL Music Practitioners performance pathway, NCFE Applied Certificate in Music Technology, A Level Drama and Theatre Studies, A Level Dance, GCSE Music, GCSE Dance, GCSE Drama, Btec Technical Level ½ in Music and Arts Award Bronze and Silver.  LAMDA and Music Grades are also available through our peripatetic programme.

The Performing Arts at Homewood School is well resourced with two drama studios, two dance studios, a fully operational theatre and a large music department which includes a recording studio and mac suite.

We have a large programme of performance opportunities which include:

  • Dance Dash 2023
  • Sister Act
  • Annual Dance show week
  • Drama showcase week commencing 17th January 2022 (Crucible, Acting up, KS4 exam work)
  • Music showcase week 
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Party in the Park 
Upcoming Trips and Visits:
  • West End residential 
  • New York 

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Dance Department

Music Department

Performing Arts Department