Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Learning • Respect • Belonging

Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre aims to provide a vibrant world class learning experience.

We work as a team, learning in partnership with each other and the wider community.

We provide flexible learning opportunities and have high aspirations for all.

British Values

At Homewood School, we actively promote positive, inclusive values. These include democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and acceptance of
those of different faiths and beliefs.

We believe British Values are those values expected of anyone living in a modern Britain, regardless of
their nationality, culture or religious belief and our ethos reflects these values. Our aim is for students
to build positive relationships with those around them and show empathy towards other less fortunate than themselves.

How British Values are embodied

At Homewood School, British values are embodied in the following specific ways. Through the curriculum:

Students study ERS, (PSHE) and Citizenship. These curriculum areas and community assemblies cover topics such as:

  • Study of the main religions from around the world
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Democracy, active citizenship and participation
  • Relationships
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Preparing for future careers
  • E-safety
  • Building resilience
  • Current affairs
  • Charity work

Lessons across the curriculum encourage students to work together and respect others. The Homewood Home School Agreement helps to emphasise the importance of upholding the schools values of Respect, Learning and Belonging.

Students also have the opportunity to volunteer in a range of responsibility posts depending on their interests and passions. These include:

  • Lead learners
  • Community prefects
  • Student Council committee members
  • KS5 Cabinet members
  • Mentors

The school also operates extra-curricular clubs including:

  • Duke of Edinburgh award scheme
  • Christian Prayer Group
  • Choir
  • A range of art and technology clubs
  • A large range of sports clubs
  • A large range of music clubs
  • Drama and Dance Clubs

Homewood Habits

Click the link below to view and download our Homewood Habits.

Homewood Habits