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Homewood School e-Learning Scheme

At Homewood School, we have over the last fifteen years provided leading edge technology for students. With Charitable donations from parents and funding by the school, we have succeeded in introducing over 4,500 mobile devices to our students.
All students have an opportunity to obtain a device through the school. We are asking you to support this scheme by making a voluntary donation to the Learning Foundation.

The 21st Century child has been born into a technology-filled world and is comfortable with each new development – computers, the internet, mobiles phones and gaming consoles. To them, it’s all a perfectly normal way of communicating, learning and playing. Research confirms that while children do like to
play video games, they also get a huge amount of benefit from them in terms of developing skills in research, communications, creative writing and revision. Plus, of course, vital computer skills for when
they start work.

About the scheme, partnered with the Learning foundation

Technology offers us a unique opportunity — “To extend learning support beyond the classroom”. Whilst schools are better equipped than ever before, the variation in the quality of learning that takes place at home is significant. As children only spend 15% of their lives at school, the learning that takes place at home is extremely important to their future success. At Homewood School we have, over the last 15 years provided leading edge ICT resources for students. With charitable donations from parents and funding by the school, we have succeeded in introducing over 4,500 mobile devices to our students. All students have the opportunity to obtain a mobile device through the school. However, we want to ensure that every student has his or her own computer in every lesson and at home every evening. The school has committed a large amount of funding to make this ambition become a reality. Working in partnership with parents, we need to sustain the availability of this level of ICT resources to all students.

If you have any queries or questions relating to the e-Learning Scheme then please contact us on:


In order to minimise the impact to learning, we have prepared some simple steps you can take to ensure the longevity of the device:

  • Keep your Chromebook in a sturdy case

We recommend that Chromebooks are kept in the case provided.

  • Never leave your Chromebook unattended

Chromebooks could easily be picked up by another student unintentionally so keep your Chromebook with you at all times. The supplied insurance will cover accidental damage and theft for the duration of the policy but does not cover neglect. 

  • Keep food and drink away

Water damage is a common issue and typically renders the device unrecoverable. Keep any food and drink away from the Chromebook, and when placed in your bag ensure fluid containers are tightly sealed to prevent leaks.

If you require any further information or assistance relating to this scheme then please do not hesitate to contact the ICT Support Team on:

Tel: 01580 764222 Extension 2211