Our Communities

The school is divided into five Communities: Endeavour, Fortitude, Pioneer, Quest and Voyager.  In each Community there are either two or three tutor groups from each year group (Years 7 to 11).

Each of the Communities has a dedicated Head of Community, an Assistant Head of Community, and a Family Liaison Officer (FLO).  Each of the Community’s Form Tutors are staff that teach in associated subject areas.

The Head of the Community oversees the teaching and learning that occurs in the Community and the progress that its students are making across the curriculum; the Assistant Head of Community supports and deals with behaviour for learning; the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) deals with welfare issues and attendance issues in consultation with home; the Community Co-ordinator acts as the first point of contact for parents and supports administration.  Each Community is supported by a Lead Practitioner who will work with your children’s teachers to ensure that they are able to maximise their full potential whilst in school.

It is our aim for each and every student to feel a real sense of belonging to their Community and that they have the opportunity to take part in a range of inter-community activities and competitions.

After Year 11, it is anticipated that students will join our successful Sixth Form Centre for years 12 and 13.

To meet the needs of all learners, we have the Grammar Plus Stream to develop our most academically able students and we also continue to develop further bespoke pathways through our Learning Support Hub.