Homewood School 83


Feedback from Students

“I like having my one to one time with teachers or LSAs because they help me to learn.” 

“Learning Support will always helps you when you are upset or in trouble.”

“I have found Learning Support helpful as if you don’t understand homework in a lesson then they will help you understand it. It then means I can do it.”

“I really like the small group work in Learning Support because I get help and I like having time with somebody that understands me.”

“I like Learning Support because the LSAs help me with work that I find hard and they are always there if you have anything you are worried about.”

“I have only just joined Homewood but having help from Learning Support has helped me in lessons to catch up with work and settle in my new classes.”

“I like being in the small Key Skills class. Doing TTRS and Phonographixs have helped me do better in my other lessons.”

“Having Learning Support at Homewood makes school easier. The LSAs are easy to get on with and are keen to help.”

Feedback from Parents and Carers

“The Key Skills team at Homewood have been excellent, starting from their involvement and flexibility from the transition period. They have always ensured a high level of communication with us and have always supported areas where a flexible approach to our son’s schooling has been required. They are always completely focused on what is best for our son and to ensure he is both happy and comfortable at school. As a result of this support our son has progressed even better than we expected in Key Skills.”

“Our first experience of SEND was not until Year 9. Since then the support and commitment to our daughter’s right to a fair education and continued wellbeing has been incredible. Our trust in them is absolute and we are secure in the knowledge that this will continue right through her education. So much so that we have already made the decision that our daughter will remain at Homewood until she is 18 with their continued support.   Thank you doesn’t seem enough.”

“Ever since starting Homewood my son has received outstanding support in every aspect of his personal well being. His support worker and the Key Skills team have continually gone above and beyond to ensure that all his worries, needs, concerns and niggles are dealt with and sorted out as quickly and efficiently as possible. “

“Nothing is ever too much trouble, no worry too silly or issue too big – we are always met with a positive, can do approach and an instant selection of options and suggestions about how we can make things better. My son knows that he only has to give a look and his support worker knows instantly that something is wrong or he needs help. This is fantastic as he is very poor at communicating how he is feeling and nervous at times to speak about it. “

“I was concerned when my daughter started at Homewood, worrying she wouldn’t cope with the huge changes and social situations. However with all the help and support from Learning Support, all these worries have disappeared. She has become a more confident child due to the reassurance of the team as she knows their door is always open and will listen to her and understand her. Through everything you have put into place to support her needs, all of this has resulted in her feeling able to express herself and work to the best of her ability. A few years ago, I could never imagine she would be doing so well. Many thanks for all your support.”

“The staff at Homewood that work closely with my son understand both his physical and emotional needs.  I am very impressed with the support that he has received from Homewood.”