Sick Bay

The School operates a medical facility with a full time qualified Nurse.

Procedure if a Student feels unwell

If Students are feeling unwell during a lesson, they should tell their Teacher who can issue them with a pass to leave the class and go directly to Sickbay.

If Students feel unwell during the morning break or at lunch time they should go directly to Sickbay.

The Nurse will assess the nature of the condition, administer medication as necessary and decide whether or not it is appropriate for parents/carers to be called to collect their child. Students must then respect the decision of the nurse and not call home if they are judged fit to return to lessons.

Procedure if a Student is using crutches

If a Student is on crutches, please telephone the nurse at least 24 hours before your son/daughter returns to School. If they are non-weight bearing, we may look at the possibility of them working in the Student Support Centre. If they are weight bearing they will need to be assessed by the nurse to see if they can safely access and use the stairs.

Medical Conditions

Please inform the nurse of any changes in medical conditions, new illnesses or hospital admissions. If you wish to speak to the nurse to discuss your child’s medical condition, or have any queries, please contact us.


Tel: 01580 764222 Extension 2297