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Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing is at the forefront of our School Ethos of Learning, Respect and Belonging.

As a school, we feel it is essential for all students to learn how to maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

Support in School

Form Tutors

Students see their Form Tutors five times a week so they are well placed for students to discuss any issues they are experiencing.

College Offices

The pastoral teams in the college offices are there to support students with their learning, behaviour and welfare. Staff in these teams have had training on Resilience, Mindfulness and Youth Mental Health First aid.

Youth Health Champions

These students have been trained to understand mental health issues. The students run campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness of mental health issues and work towards reducing the stigma behind poor mental health.

Wellbeing Rooms

There are dedicated spaces for students to go to at break and lunchtime if they need a quiet area to relax. Staff are on duty in these rooms every day. The main Wellbeing Room is in M7 located in the Mansion.

The wellbeing Room is now in G45 and is only open at lunchtimes. Students can access the room with a pass from their College office.


Homewood run a variety of workshops within school such as Anxiety course, Bereavement workshop, healthy relationships programme, young carers group, academic resilience workshops, Art therapy, calming crafts and a weekly visit to Green farm and Take up the challenge.


Throughout the academic year the PSHRE team deliver an extensive programme with age appropriate lessons for different year groups. They work closely with the pastoral teams to ensure all relevant mental health and wellbeing subjects are covered during these sessions.

Mental Health Team

We have fully trained staff qualified to be first respondents to any young person having a mental health crisis.

Mrs K Farrell - Director of Student Achievement and Senior Mental Health Lead in the school.

Mrs W Brown  - Wellbeing Coordinator for students across the school.

Mrs K Adams - Enterprise College

Mrs J Ross-Smith - I College

Mrs J Snelling - SEND

Mrs S Crawford - Arts College

Mrs K Fensome - World College