Teacher Researcher

Claire tyson

My name is Dr Claire Tyson and I am a teacher researcher based at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre.  It is my job to promote research skills in our staff and students. I combine this role with my job as a science teacher and IBCP Coordinator.

Some of our Duke of Edinburgh students have developed research skills by working with me as part of their volunteering experience.  Other students have participated in both our internal and external research projects and provided us with their views.  We take our data protection very seriously and all projects are now checked by the TST Data Protection Officer.

The role of a teacher researcher or research champion often means bringing together the teachers and students in the classroom/school with researchers from  higher education establishments and research organisations such as The British Educational Research Association (BERA)  and The Chartered College of Teaching.

In the last few years we have collaborated with several universities including University of Sussex, University of Warwick and The University of Greenwich.  Working with external partners brings us the opportunity to develop our research skills and contribute to the body of knowledge about effective education.  

Our staff Journal Club is another exciting forum for research discussions and professional development.   As a team we regularly come together to explore issues that affect our students and our practice and debate the latest evidence.

In the last few years we have moved away from the traditional approach of just writing an article to present at a conference and now research findings are shared in diverse ways including ResearchEd meetings, vlogs, blogs and podcasts.   There are also many ongoing discussions on Twitter using educational hashtags that create an open forum for teachers and parents to discuss their points of view.

One important theme that we continue to develop is the need for ethical oversight of research conducted in schools, this is a very important responsibility and BERA offers useful guidelines for schools to follow. 

Reading Intervention Summer 2022

Impact report for the Reading Intervention Summer 2022If you have any questions or an area of education that you would like us to research then please contact me on: