Code of Conduct

Students must do all they can to support the ethos of the school and its community.


  • To attend all timetabled lessons, registration, tutorial sessions, personal & professional development sessions, assemblies and meetings as requested.
  • To meet all assignment and coursework deadlines and to work to the very best of the student’s ability.
  • To spend non-contact lessons (or study-time) in designated locations for work rather than recreation.
  • To prepare fully for Year 12 & Year 13 PPE exams, external examinations and all other assessments.
  • To understand that any request to withdraw from a subject or examination must be discussed with the Director of Sixth Form. All course changes will require approval from the parents and Principal Teachers of the relevant departments.


  • To act as a role model to the younger students within the school.
  • To respect the views, beliefs and cultures of other individuals within the school community.
  • To not smoke cigarettes/e-cigarettes or consume alcohol during the school day in or within sight of the school premises or whilst being transported to and from school.
  • To take care of and be responsible for the good condition of the designated Sixth Form areas. A student may be asked to pay for any items damaged.
  • To be prepared to pay a deposit on items that are on loan to a student and to respect all school property and to use equipment and resources in an appropriate manner.


  • To maintain the Sixth Form dress code (overleaf) and always behave in an appropriate manner.
  • To visibly wear an identity card in order to show you are a member of the Sixth Form and thereby help to keep the school site secure.


  • To register using your thumb in both the morning and the afternoon.
  • To sign out in the Sixth Form office on those occasions where a note is provided to leave school early.
  • To provide a note from parent/guardian indicating reasons for absence or notification of medical appointments, etc.
  • To avoid the booking of medical appointments during the school day unless it is an emergency.
  • To be aware that part-time employment before or after school should not interfere with the student’s studies. No employment to be undertaken during the school day.
  • To not book driving lessons during the school day.

Health & Safety

  • To adhere to the Health and Safety policies of the school at all times and to report and register all approved visitors at the main school office.
  • To register any motor vehicle driven on to the school site with the Sixth Form office. To adhere to the 10 mph speed limit on the school site and park in authorised locations.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Homewood Sixth Form aims to provide an environment of excellence in which students can achieve to their full potential. There are high expectations of our students to engage in activities and behaviours which prepare them for the realities of further study and working life. Students are expected to act as role models to the younger pupils in the school and must be aware that they will come into contact with potential employers, apprenticeship providers and university admissions staff whilst they are in school.
As part of our aim to create a purposeful working environment across the school, Sixth Form students are expected to adhere to the following dress code:
  • No torn clothing (including ripped jeans).
  • No clothing which displays offensive slogans or pictures.
  • Shorts and skirts must not be shorter than 5cm above the knee.
  • No flip flops.
  • No tops that are very low, crop tops or which have spaghetti straps.
  • No trousers which are very low on the hips.
  • No visible piercings other than in ears.
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.
  • No hair dyed in colours that are not natural.
  • Outside clothing, including hats and caps, must not be worn in lessons.
  • Students must wear the Sixth Form lanyard and ID badge at all times when on the school site.
Individual departments may require other specific rules for health & safety reasons. Sanctions
  1.  Students will receive a warning from form tutors, subject teachers or Sixth Form office in the event they wear inappropriate clothing for the first time. You will be asked to correct.
  2.  In the event of a 2nd time wearing inappropriate clothes students will be sent home to change, parents will be notified and unauthorised absence recorded.
  3.  In the event of a 3rd time wearing inappropriate clothing the student will be sent to the IEC.