Homewood School Admissions are run in conjunction with the Kent County Council, through the Co-ordinated Admissions process.

Secondary school applications must be completed by Monday 1st November 2021 for Kent residents and 31st October for East Sussex residents. To apply you will need to complete the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF). National offer day is the 1st March 2022, soon after you will receive a welcome letter from the school.

Homewood does not require a supplementary form to be completed.

For all other year admissions please contact the Admissions Officer

An accompanying 'Guide to Year 6 Parents,Carers and Students. 

Guide for Year 6 Parents, Carers and Students-2022-23Kent residents:

East Sussex residents:

Admission Forms 2022-2023

Biometric Information 2022-2023e-Learning Scheme 2022-2023e-Safety Rules 2022-2023Parental Consent Form for Images 2022-2023Young Adult Literature parental permission 2022-2023


New Intake Uniform Information - September 2022

Uniform List - New Intake September 2022



Admissions Policy Date  
Admissions Policy Supp form 2022 final 21st Sep 2021 Download