Homewood students take over Tenterden Museum for the day!

News - 14 July

On Saturday, 17th July, two sixth formers are literally 'taking over the museum', when they play host to visitors to the Tenterden Museum, including running their own special exhibitions.

Students Brad and Joe are undertaking the challenge as part of their preparation for joining Homewood's Ready For Work programme in the Autumn.

When the museum opens at 11am both students will be on hand to welcome visitors and personally explain their exhibits which they have curated over the last month under the expert guidance of Tenterden Museum curator Robin Wilkins.

Visitors will find Brad's exhibit first, at the front of the museum. Motor cycle enthusiast Brad has chosen to look at the evolution of the motorcycle and will be ready to answer questions from visitors. He will also have, on audio handsets, an interview in which Peter Foster, the museum's schools liaison officer, asks Brad about motorbikes and gives him the opportunity to contrast his bike with an old one on display in the Museum.  Brad was mentored on this assignment by Roy Francis, the President of the Tenterden & District Motorcycle Club, who helped him with information about motorbikes in general and in particular the model in the museum which belongs to Roy.  Roy will also be around on the day to support Brad and answer any further questions people may have about the Club and the bike.

In contrast, Brad's fellow curator, Joe, has chosen to explore some of the museum's oldest books.  These will feature in a display in the Special Exhibition room, accompanied by an explanatory presentation which will run on the museum's interactive system.  Joe will also be on hand to talk informally with people about the exhibition and explain why she finds the books so fascinating.

The humanities project on the history of the Kent and East Sussex Railway, created by Homewood's Year 7 students for the Community Art Project 'Looking Back, Moving Forward', is also still on display at the Museum.

Please do visit and support them.