Orla’s winter walks raise over £1,000 to help Cyclists Fighting Cancer

News - 24 June

Congratulations to Year 10 Homewood student Orla whose winter walks have raised over £1,000 for Cyclists Fighting Cancer, a small UK charity which enables children and young people living with cancer to regain their physical fitness, strength and confidence through cycling. 

Orla decided to walk every day of February, come rain or shine, in a bid to fill her after 'school' and spare time, and to use her walks to raise money for a good cause. She choose Cyclists Fighting Cancer because they support children pre-, during and post- cancer treatment by providing them with adapted bikes, trikes and other equipment. 

Exercise has been shown in studies to be the single most effective way of improving both physical and mental wellness for people surviving cancer. The charity, which was established in 2005, encourages cycling as the best form of exercise-based rehabilitation, especially for children and young adults, because it provides all these benefits in a low impact, fun, sociable and exciting way. 

Orla set herself a target of raising a modest £200 but she received so much
support that she smashed this goal to reach the current total of £1,070, including Gift Aid contributions, having walked 106km - the equivalent distance from
Ashford to London.

If you would like to support Orla's fundraising, you can donate via her Just Giving page, set up by her mum, Caroline who says:

"It's been fantastic (for Orla) to have a purpose each day outside of home school and feeling like she is achieving something for someone else'. 


Just Giving Fundraising Orlafeely  

You can find out more about Cyclists Fighting Cancer on their website at:  

Cyclist SFC