General Mental Health

Creating a Self-care Plan

Just as we look after our physical health, it’s important to look after our mental health. In fact, the two are closely connected.

Most of us will know what it’s like to feel worried, stressed or low from time to time. We might be affected by our relationships with friends and classmates or things we see on the news, and we might feel worried about school or our home lives. This is understandable.

So how should we manage when we’re having difficult feelings? There are lots of things you can do to look after your own mental health and wellbeing. This booklet will give you some ideas of things you can try.

Creating a self-care help plan.pdf

Self Help for Anger

Learn more about anger and the skills to cope with it.


Self Help for Obsession and Compulsions

Learn more about obsessions, compulsions and skills to cope with them.


Looking after your mental wellbeing

We all have mental health and our mental wellbeing can fluctuate days to day - when you're not feeling great, it can feel harder to take action to benefit your wellbeing.


Coping with your low mood

Information including common causes of low mood, help yourself to feel better and places where you can get more help.


How to sleep better

There are four main factors that affect the quality of your sleep: health, environment, attitude and lifestyle.