Homewood School 14

Drama and Theatre Studies


Key Stage Three



Year 7

Year 8

Term One: Autumn

Create:Greek Theatre

Create:Shakespeare-Physical Theatre

Term Two: Christmas

Create:Gothic Drama

Create: Using a stimulus-Verbatim theatre

Term Three: Winter

Perform:Blood Brothers


Term Four: Spring

Perform:Anita and Me

Perform:Noughts and Crosses

Term Five: Summer

Respond:Live Theatre Review-Peter Pan National Theatre.

Respond:Live Theatre Review-Treasure Island National Theatre.

Year 9 Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Term One: Autumn

Introduction to Performing Arts Skills / Physical Theatre and Contact work

Bronze Arts Award: Part D

 Term Two: Christmas

Musical Theatre

Bronze Arts Award: Part A & B

 Term Three: Winter

Choreography and Devising workshops

 Term Four: Spring

Choreography and Devising Project

Bronze Arts Award: Part C

Performance Project Exploration

 Term Five: Summer

Final Performance Project on TIME


Key Stage Four



Year 10

Year 11

Term One: Autumn

Set Text: The Crucible-World of The Play and practical exploration.




Texts in practice workshops.

Set Text: The Crucible-exam practice.


Live Theatre Review 2-answering the question.


Texts in practice extract 2

Term Two: Christmas

Set Text:The Crucible-Text Analysis


Devising: Stimuli exploration


Texts in practice A extract 1.

Theatre Roles, Staging, Stage positioning


Set Text: The Crucible-exam practice.


Texts in practice final choice-polish

Term Three: Winter

Theatre Roles and Responsibilities




Stage Positioning


Devising: Initial response, Research,Style,Log Section 1


Texts in practice extract 2


Devising-refine and film during Drama Festival January


Redraft of Log


Texts in practice-rehearse and refine for Drama Festival January

Term Four: Spring

 Devising: Development and collaboration.Log Section 2


Live Theatre Review: National Theatre Collection.


Texts in practice B workshops

Preparation for exam of  both Component 1[Written] and Component 3 .


Final draft of Devising Log.


Term Five: Summer

Devising Final Project. Log Section 3


Texts in practice B extract 1 [learn 2 over summer break]

Lift Off Programme

Transition Work


Key Stage Five

AQA A Level Theatre Studies


Year 12

Year 13

Term One: Autumn

Set text 1 - Servant To Two Masters;World of the Play, Commedia Dell’Arte


Theatre Practitioners/Style.


Explore Devising stimuli


Extract play workshops.

Set text 2-Metamorphosis. Close text analysis. Practical exploration.


Extract 3 rehearsal. Reflective Report.


Revision of Set text 1 as home study.

Term Two: Christmas

Set text 1 - Servant To Two Masters-Character, narrative.Answering the question.


Select devised stimulus-initial response, style, application of practitioner; Complicite/Katie

Mitchell/Alecky Blythe. Working Notebook Section 1


Extract play workshops.

Select Extract 1



Further study of Set Text-Metamorphosis-answering the question


Extract 3 rehearsal/refinement.Reflective Report.


Live Theatre Review-National Theatre Collection

Term Three: Winter

Extract 1 and Reflective Report


Devising-development and collaboration. Working Notebook Section 2



Devised pieces filmed during Drama Festival.Working Notebook final edit.


Extract 3 performed during the Drama Festival. Reflective Report final edit.



Term Four: Spring

Extract 2 and Reflective Report

Perform at Drama Festival January.


Refinement and performance  of Devising. Working Notebook section 1& 2.

Revision for Component 1-Set Texts and Live Theatre Review.


Component 2 Moderation

Component 3 Exam

Term Five: Summer

Introduction of Set Text 2 -Metamorphosis.World of the play, style.


Extract 3 workshops.

Select Extract 3 to be learnt over the summer.

Select practitioner to be applied.

Component 1 exam.