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Key Stage Five

Biology A provides a flexible approach to teaching. The specification is divided into topics, each covering different key concepts of biology. Teaching of practical skills is integrated with the theoretical topics and they are assessed through the written papers.

Exam Board is OCR A


Year 12

Year 13

Term One: Autumn

Module 2 – Foundations in biology 2.1.1 Cell structure

2.1.2 Biological molecules

2.1.3 Nucleotides and nucleic acids

Module 5 – Communication, homeostasis and energy

5.1.4Hormonal communication

5.1.5 Plant and animal responses

5.2.1 Photosynthesis

5.2.2 Respiration


Term Two: Christmas

2.1.4 Enzymes

2.1.5 Biological membranes

2.1.6 Cell division, cell diversity and cellular organisation

Module 6 – Genetics, evolution and ecosystems

6.1.1 Cellular control

6.1.2 Patterns of inheritance

6.1.3 Manipulating genomes

Term Three: Winter

Module 3 – Exchange and transport 3.1.1 Exchange surfaces

3.1.2 Transport in animals

3.1.3 Transport in plants

6.2.1 Cloning and biotechnology

6.3.1 Ecosystems

6.3.2 Populations and sustainability.

Term Four: Spring

Module 4 – Biodiversity, evolution and disease

4.1.1Communicable diseases, disease prevention and the immune system

4.2.1 Biodiversity

4.2.2 Classification and evolution

Exam Preparation

Term Five: Summer

Module 5 – Communication, homeostasis and energy

5.1.1 Communication and homeostasis

5.1.2 Excretion as an example of homeostatic control

5.1.3 Neuronal communication