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Triple Science


Key Stage Four

Edexcel; Biology, Chemistry, Physics

This course extends the content covered in combined science with topics covering space, the human brain and organic chemistry amongst others.


Year 10

Year 11

Term One: Autumn

Biology: Key concepts

Chemistry: Key concepts and separating mixtures

Biology: Exchange and transport

Physics: Electricity

Chemistry: Separate Chemistry 2

Term Two: Christmas

Physics: Forces and motion

Biology: Cells and control

Biology: Genetics

Physics Magnetism and electromagnetism


Term Three: Winter

Chemistry: Chemical changes

Chemistry: Separate Chemistry 1

Biology: Evolution

Physics: Conservation of energy

Revision for summer exams begins

Term Four: Spring

Chemistry: Metal extraction

Biology: Health and disease

Physics: Astrophysics


Term Five: Summer

Physics: Waves

Physics: Radioactivity

Biology: Plants and plant structures

Chemistry: Periodic table

Chemistry: Rates of reaction

Biology: Coordination and control