Year 11 Revision Support

To help with the process of preparing for exams in the Summer, the table below provides links to a range of materials both for general planning and guidance as well as specific revision techniques that can work across a range of subjects.

Year 11-Parent and Student Guide 2021-2022

Letter to students from OFQUAL

Advance Information for Year 11

JCQ Student Guide (copy attached below)
JCQ Student Guide

JCQ Students FAQs (copy attached below)
JCQ Students FAQs Summer-2022.pdf

JCQ Website
​JCQ Advance Information

Revision Planning

Revision plannerA good start is to spend some time planning your activities. Use these weekly planning templates to get you started.

Revision AuditFind out which revision techniques you use.

Revision tips for StudentsSome suggestions to get the most out of revision time.

Revision Techniques

PiXL RevisitTemplates for use when reducing large amounts of information into a more manageable format for revision. All revision strategies in one place.

Boxing UpChunk ItPrioritiseQuizzingRanking TriangleReduce and TransformThinking HardTransforming 1Transforming 2

DeconstructGoogle ClassroomDon’t forget that all students have access to subject specific content through Google Classroom.

Guidance leaflets for parents and students

An Emotionally Healthy Approach to GCSEsHandling the pressure of external examsUsing FlashcardsSpacing and Timing of RevisionKeeping Active during revision