Our Colleges

The school is divided into Colleges. All Year 7 and 8 students belong to the Discovery College (D) or I-College (I). Key stage 4 students (Years 9-11) are allocated to one of four Colleges: The Arts College (A), the Enterprise College (E), the World College (W) or the I-College. Students are usually allocated according to their option choices. All tutor groups are arranged by year group within the Colleges. Key Stage 5 (Years 12-14) are also placed into a Year 12 or 13 tutor group (S).

Each College has a Head of College, an Assistant Head of College, a Family Liaison Officer (FLO). The Discovery College has 2 FLOs and a College Co-ordinator.

Each of the College’s tutors are staff that teach in associated subject areas. For example, the World College tutors are primarily Humanities, MFL or Science teachers and the Discovery College teachers teach primarily or wholly within Key Stage 3.

The Head of the College oversees the teaching and learning that occurs in the College and the progress that its students are making across the curriculum; the Assistant Head of College supports and deals with behaviour for learning; the Family Liaison Officer deals with welfare issues and attendance issues in consultation with home; the College Coordinator acts as the first point of contact for parents and supports administration across the College.

To access information about your child’s college, please click on the links below:

Discovery CollegeArts CollegeEnterprise College I-CollegeWorld College