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World College

In World College we are proud of our commitment to support and develop our students with all aspects of their school life.

The three years spent with us will certainly be an exciting and challenging time, but to ensure that students overcome any hurdles they may face, both our Teachers and Principal Teachers will work hard to ensure students receive the best grades possible. We encourage students to work to their full potential whilst recognising and celebrating their achievements outside of the classroom.

Our college comprises the following subjects:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Travel and Tourism
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin
  • Triple Science
  • Animal Care
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

We are fortunate to have such a wide range of subjects within World College. All students in the school who study these subjects have numerous opportunities including spending time on our School Farm whilst studying Animal Care, visiting foreign towns and cities in Modern Foreign Languages, visiting places of Geographical wonder alongside studying a range of different qualifications from GCSE’s, BTEC’s and A-levels.

A number of our extra curricular activities are based in World College. These include the successful Duke of Edinburgh Award and the STEM club. Students throughout the school are welcome to participate in these after school activities.

World College Team

  • Mrs H Jones - Head of College
  • Mrs F Osborne - Assistant Head of College
  • Mrs K Fensome - Family Liaison Officer
  • Mrs J Ramsden (Fridays) - College Co-ordinator

Our College Office has a central location within the school (L15) and students are encouraged to come and visit us whenever necessary.

Our chosen charity this year is Kent Air Ambulance. Once all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we hope to resume the fundraising that we have undertaken in the past. Previously, World College students have organised a number of outstanding charity concerts in the Sinden Theatre. Contributions from both students and staff are always impressive and have ranged from Opera singing (Mrs Osborne and Mr Priest!) to Pop Vocals.

Sports Day has to be the highlight of our School year! It is a wonderful day where all students in the school come together. Although taking part is important, the ‘World Warriors’ pride ourselves on trying our hardest, taking part and most importantly working as a team. As you can see, Mrs Osborne and Mrs Jones were delighted to hold the trophy in 2019!

Environmental issues are always at the front of some of our students minds. One student in particular (Freya H) has spoken out on numerous occasions about her concerns for our world and the subsequent impact that we are having on it. She wrote in one of our Lockdown newsletters:

Climate change is a global catastrophe. This is where the planet is warming up, thus causing the great ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise, animals to become extinct and as humans, it is us who have all contributed to this disastrous event with our aeroplanes, burning fossil fuels, deforestation, cars, factories, rubbish and our overall abuse of the environment. We have allowed the planet to warm at a worrying rate, and this is not only a concern for the wildlife on this planet, but also for us.

Student Achievements

Ava W Year 10

Ava W has been playing Netball since Year 3. She trains and / or plays matches 6 nights a week! On her ‘rest’ day, she spends time in the Gym doing Cardio and Weights. Presently, she plays for Breakaways, Ashford and the Kent Netball Team. She has played a range of positions, although her preferred position is now ‘Centre’.

In Year 8, she was awarded ‘Women’s Sports Personality of the Year’ during Sports Day and Breakaways are presently top of the Maidstone League. She is such a lovely, humble student who is a credit to the school.

Sam H Year 10

After a tough year, Sam H (Year 10) has decided upon the wonderful idea of creating a model railway lunchtime club here at Homewood called ‘Ride the Rails’.  A huge amount of train track was kindly donated by members of the public from as far afield as Margate. During the club, students will design,   build and run independent model railway lines.

We are most grateful to our local councillor for Tenterden (Paul Clokie) who has awarded the club a grant
of £500.

Sam is an inspirational student who has shown huge amounts of strength and determination throughout this year. Mr Friel in particular has worked closely with Sam and his family over the past fews months and has been instrumental to recovery - thank you Mr Friel!

Jessica R Year 11

Jessica R has been part of the Ashford Air Cadets (305) since Year 9. During her twice weekly sessions, she has learnt numerous skills including orienteering, playing a new instrument and learning how to work as part of a team during Drill practice. In addition to this, she has undertaken flying lessons, learnt how to ski and taken part in a number of expeditions. Within school, Jessica has represented her squadron in the annual Remembrance Parade. Jessica is always keen to discuss the benefits of being in the Air Cadets and so would welcome any student asking her for further information.

In Year 12 and 13, Jessica is hoping to study English Literature, Geography and Public Services at Homewood. Due to her experience with the Cadets, she is hoping to be part of the RAF in the Policing Department.