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Year 6 I-College Admissions LeafletI-College is a small friendly College with a very experienced pastoral team that aims to provide a community whereby students have a strong sense of identity and belonging.  In I-College we have 2 forms of entry from Years 7 to 11 and a family atmosphere supported by having many siblings as part of our College Community.  The I-College is for students from all backgrounds and abilities which is ensured by our mixed ability group and our I-College Grammar group.

The I-College has an embedded culture of supporting each other, growth mindset, and resilience. Humanities subjects are taught in a Project Based Learning format encouraging self-paced learning, resilience, exploration, creativity, work critique and redraft, and self accountability.  With an all important real end goal and a focus on public exhibition of work.

Our students benefit from the Project Based Learning approaches and expertise of the dedicated pastoral team, with an expectation of excellent progress.  We are extremely proud to watch the growth of pride and confidence in our students who will achieve beyond expectation not only in their education but also in their personal development.

I-College Team

  • Mrs K Farrell - Head of I-College
  • Mrs J Ross-Smith - Assistant Head of I-College
  • Mrs R Holkham - Principal Teacher I-College
  • Mrs W Brown - Family Liaison Officer
  • Mr O Ling - College Coordinator

To contact us:

Tel: 01580 764222 (ext 2522)

Sports Days

Although we are small we are mighty! We were the Year 8 winners of Sports Day in 2019.


20 Year 10 Students have been lucky enough to experience a two week Entrepreneurship course in Barcelona paid for by British Council Erasmus Funding  The objective of the course was to help the students to develop what in our opinion are the three essential skills required for the future job market; Problem solving, Initiative and confidence, as well as to have fun discovering a new country and culture. They will do this by engaging on an entrepreneurial journey to find and develop their own business idea as well as work on a real business case for a local organisation.

Santa Fun Run

I-College Fun Run

“Santa’s Fun Run” around the school grounds and held cake sales.  Mrs Hayes and the students worked tirelessly to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charity; Team Ben Hammond, raising a grand total of £1,307.00! This is an incredible achievement and we are extremely proud of all of our students who have taken part to help us raise this amount.”

Open Afternoons

On 2-3 afternoons each year we enjoy welcoming families and tutors into school to meet with teaching and college staff, this is a great opportunity to celebrate the students’ achievements and hold workshops and presentations. The students are able to showcase their work and raise a little money for their chosen charity.

Cake sale run for parents in aid of Hypo Hounds by Matthew.

Individual Achievements

Scholars programme

Three I-College students have recently completed the Brilliant Club’s Scholars Programme, we are extremely proud of this achievement as they have been highly praised for their work, showing that in Year 10 they are working at A Level standard and above.  Over the course of 6 months the students have been working with Dr. Martin, PHD researcher.  Many congratulations to Emma, Lillie-Anne and Harriet for all achieving the very high 2:1

Thank you to Dr Tyson for guiding them through this.

Lillieann Year 10

“During the course of the program we learn about symmetry, symmetry breaking and why the
universe doesn't annihilate itself.  To do this we first started looking at what the basics of symmetry was in images, maths and physics, to the more complicated things like symmetry breaking, special relativity and time dilation.  So we went from symmetry of butterflies to the fundamental stages of the universities structures all in 5 weeks.  I was able to learn all of this in such a short amount of time because of the fabulous lady teaching us about it all, and with only five to six other students in the group.

We also got to look into the lives of uni students and what it's like there.  The first university that we learned about was The University of Reading which told us things about their university; halls of residence, student finance, how university learning is different from secondary schools and key skills that are useful at university.  The second university was Southampton University that held our online graduation ceremony where we learned the universities courses and some of the societies you can belong to while at the university.

I enjoyed the scholars program because I have learned things I would have not learned until a much higher level in my education and learning what it's like at university was an amazing experience and how I now feel less nervous about eventually going to university.”

Further Quotes

“The I-College was impressive and exciting – students settling to their work independently, established routines obvious and students able to articulate confidently the work they were doing and the progress they were making.  They demonstrated a thirst for knowledge.”     

Mr Leyland, Senior Improvement Advisor, May 2017

“This is clearly “the place to be!” I-College bubbles with energy, enthusiasm and great learning opportunities – fantastic….keep it up”

Mrs Guthrie Chair of Governors

"Amazing results!

I would like to say a big thank you to the support and guidance that was given to my child* over the past 3 years in the I-College.  If it wasn't for the I-College she wouldn't have done so well."

Parent of Year 11 leaver August 2018

“I-College is a fabulous concept that seems to really capture and encourage our children to take responsibility for their work which in turn builds pride in all they do.  We think they are very lucky”

Parent of Year 7 student