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Welcome to the Enterprise college!

We have a team of staff that are motivated and dedicated, striving to provide our students with the best possible opportunities to grow and develop, raising aspirations
for independence in their learning. Our aim is for us to all learn together through the Homewood Habits of Learning, Respect and Belonging.

We expect you to try your best at all times and have pride in your work, ensuring you have all of your equipment and uniform every day!

All of your subjects will require you to work hard from the beginning, right until the summer of Year 11. 
The Enterprise subjects are always well opted for and I am sure you will be studying at least one.  I know that the Teachers and Principal Teachers put in a significant amount of work to ensure you obtain the best possible learning experience so that you are in a strong position for your GCSEs.  The subject options offered by Enterprise include:

  • Business Studies
  • Catering
  • Child Development
  • Computer Science
  • Construction
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Health and Social Care
  • I.C.T.
  • Maths (Core)

We will support you every step of the way on your journey; we have a strong team that are all passionate about your development and successes.  Please make sure you follow all the latest news and developments in our College by ‘liking’ our Facebook page and reading the College Newsletters. If you need to find us, we are located upstairs in G block (G50).

The Enterprise College Team

  • Mr D. Bailey - Head of Enterprise College
  • Mrs K Adams - Assistant Head of College
  • Miss J Davies - Family Liaison Officer
  • Mrs D Elliott - College Co-ordinator

Achievements from Students

We are incredibly proud of our students and take every opportunity to celebrate their achievements across their entire school life from classroom to club.  As a community they support and encourage each other and know that together they are capable of incredible success.  We would love to hear about your hobbies, interests and clubs you represent in and outside of school.  We are excited that we will be providing opportunities for students to become ‘Enterprise Leaders’.  The aim is to build your skills whilst making a difference to the school, local and national community.  We hope that this is something you would like to be a part of.

A couple have written about their experiences which we hope you enjoy reading about.

Amelia B - Year 10

Since being at Homewood School & Sixth Form, I feel I have become more involved and enjoying school life.

I have achieved many extra curricular activities that I am proud of and couldn’t have done it without the school’s help.

I am most proud of being offered the opportunity to join Westham FC and playing for their under
16t’s squad.

Alongside this I also play for Kent School’s Football Team where I represent the school.

Homewood has helped and supported me to achieve this.

Although football is one of my favourite sports, I have also competed in diving; where from the age of 6 have dived Nationally for England for about 6 years; netball and athletics; where I have achieved the 100m record for Kent.

Jen R - Year 11

Before lockdown, I felt most privileged to be a part of the sports leadership program with a diverse group of students and teachers that have made me feel especially valued and accomplished throughout the years. My role within this collective is to inspire, motivate, educate and teach mainly nursery and primary school students during sports days, tournaments and many other events organised by Kent School Games. One of the most rewarding opportunities was helping to run a National Disability sport event in order to engage and arouse enthusiasm to participate in physical activity. We have led various sports activities while manoeuvring ideas into the minds of younger students that gender doesn’t define potential and there are no limitations to capabilities in sport. Indirectly spreading awareness among youthful students encourages the banishment of harmful stereotypes in sport on a larger scale to give rise to a positive change in the future.

This is a societal issue that I have developed a passion for more recently at Homewood, where I then decided to give a more in-depth presentation to my class during an English speaking and listening exam. One of my proudest moments was informing of the thriving severity of these damaging stereotypes and discussing the gender-discriminating sportswear advertisements in the media that triggered a debate amongst my teacher and classmates. This made me realise that this is something I need to dedicate further research to during my remaining time at Homewood in order to be recognised as a spokesperson and continue to deliver the wider message. One of the PE teachers particularly relates to my interest in diminishing these negative gender stereotypes especially within secondary schools, therefore we are hoping to run a This Girl Can campaign at school in the near future to target and increase female participation in sport.

I like to think I am a devoted ambassador by volunteering around the school, getting involved in leadership opportunities, promoting our school to the wider community, raising money for several charities, taking on duties with parents and students and organising events alongside associate staff which have all enlightened my experiences over the years and has given more meaning to my status as a student. On a more personal level, I feel that I have developed my self-confidence as well as communication, teamwork, problem-solving and organisational skills. I have learnt to use my initiative while building perseverance and motivation where I have been praised as a role model to students in lower years by teachers supporting my journey.

In addition to raising money for charity, the sports leaders were fortunate enough to take fundraising to the next level by taking up sport challenges at school, such as cycling on spin bikes and either walking, running or jogging on a treadmill for 24 hours to promote sports relief for two years in a row. Altogether, we raised thousands of pounds and I would describe our experiences as hilarious, rewarding and immensely worthwhile, even though everyone who participated was sore and exhausted for days afterwards! However, we contributed to a great cause by executing these main events and also by holding mini competitive tournaments during lesson time for younger students to partake in, combined with
delivering cake sales and providing merchandise to increase donations.

Moving onto my experiences through lockdown, I was asked to contribute to the delivery of whole-school newsletters by exploring the detrimental effects of being away from the normality of school on students preparing for exams. I expressed and offered insight into the difficulties and uncertainties of not knowing how students will be assessed or acknowledged for our efforts by the government and exam boards as well as battling newfound stress and pressure to continue efficient studies from home. My work was then discovered and published by Kent Online where my opinions and experiences were accessible to an extensive audience. I received multiple emails from proud teachers, friends and family members who believed that this was an urgent matter that needed to be addressed from a student perspective.

Even though I reflect on lockdown as a dull and monotonous experience where I missed socialising at school and visiting friends and family, I do feel that I was specifically able to indulge into and enhance performance in my subjects by taking additional time to improve and work on my weaknesses. In English, one of my favourite subjects to do in lockdown, I enjoyed the independence and ability to be creative and insightful with my work. Occasionally, I feel that a lesson isn’t enough time to fully think through and explode all of my ideas to create a detailed piece of writing like I had the opportunity to do from home. This helped to develop my answers into a higher grade boundary while experimenting with time parameters.

Next year, I am hoping to continue my studies at Homewood sixth form by taking A Level PE, Media and English Literature. Similar to other students in Year 11, I am mostly looking forward to having a fresh start in September after such a disastrous year. I hope to resume my involvement and engagement within events around school, as well as partake in opportunities regarding the local community and visiting primary schools. I will aim to broaden my skills and knowledge, while gaining experience to benefit me and have advantage over others in the future.

Reggie S - Year 11

Reggie was a member of Ashford Town Swimming club from the age of 10 years old. Throughout the years he spent most of his weekends competing in various competitions, competing as far as Basildon. He has competed in two Kent County Swimming Championships, the latest was January and February 2020 just before Covid hit. Covid has unfortunately finished his swimming now.

Reggie is also competing for Ashford and the Weald in the Kent Schools Athletics Cross Country Championships down Duke of York’s Military School, Dover.

The last school sports day that took place in 2019 he broke the record 1,500m and 800m running race whilst competing for Enterprise College. Reggie has also competed in several biathlons held at Ashford Prep School, he even won one, and won bronze back in June 2019.

Reggie has been a member of the school young farmers club since starting at Homewood. He’s attended three Kent Shows and shown cows, sheep and chickens. He’s even been to Blackpool to compete in the finals of the Young Farmers Dance competition.

He has completed his bronze award for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, all this is on top of keeping
his own animals.

Ambitious Young Farmer Reggie has successfully reared several generations of animals since the age of 11. He now regularly provides top quality free-range beef, pork and lamb to a growing number of loyal customers amongst his extended family and friends, with plenty of positive reviews.

Like all budding entrepreneurs Reggie started small with just two heifers who he put into calf to provide his first meat products. He then took on two Saddleback pigs and most recently some stock lambs who he had to bottle feed four times a day when they first arrived. Reggie managed all of this while going to school, doing his homework and also his swimming.

Reggie would love to more than double his livestock with the acquisition of a flock of 5-20 sheep but he can only do this if he can find the right additional land in the Tenterden area, with trailer access, where he can graze them.

This is just the latest challenge that this dedicated young farmer and entrepreneur has faced in the last four years - from handling a difficult calving to learning how to deal with movement orders and accounts - but each new challenge has only strengthened his desire to be become a full time farmer and to one day own his own livestock farm.

When Reggie joined Homewood School, being part of the Young Farmers club meant Reggie was able to take part in the annual Kent Show which kick started an interest in showing his animals. Meanwhile he is consolidating the additional skills he needs to grow his enterprise by choosing to study Construction and Business, alongside science and animal care.

The next step in Reggie’s journey to becoming a full time farmer is an apprenticeship with a sheep farmer, following the completion of Year 11. The apprenticeship came about after Reggie helped out with lambing during lockdown, in parallel to doing his school work at home. So impressed with Reggie’s attitude and work ethic that it was an easy decision to offer him an apprenticeship.

Reggie’s drive and determination have taken him a long way in a short time but now he wants to take things to the next level and both his parents and the school are supporting him all the way.