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Welcome to Discovery College

Our aim in Discovery College is a very simple one, to ensure that all our students have
the very best opportunity to excel and realise their potential in a rigorous but very supportive learning environment.  

Over a number of years, the curriculum that we offer at Homewood School has been nationally recognised for its breadth of opportunity and innovation, Discovery College is central to this. In collaboration with the Innovation Unit, the Discovery College is a design for learning that connects deep subject content with real world problem solving. This framework enables all students to create extraordinary work that matters in and beyond the classroom. The focus on extraordinary work, whilst preparing students for GCSE study creates the habits of work and learning equipping them to succeed in further education and the world beyond.

The use of ICT is central to our curriculum, including the development of our Chromebook strategy to support learning in the classroom and preparation and enrichment activities that can be completed at home.


The Discovery College Team

The Discovery College team are here to help and support you. The College team are:

  • Mr A Lawson – Head of Discovery College
  • Mrs M Croucher – Assistant Head of Discovery College
  • Mrs S Sivyer - College Co-ordinator
  • Miss S Faulkner – Senior Family Liaison Officer
  • Mrs M Spackman – Family Liaison Officer
  • Mrs S Taberer – Family Liaison Officer
  • Ms L Castle – Admissions Officer
  • Miss R Hodgkins – Early Intervention Officer

Discovery College Support

The Family Liaison Team consists of Miss Faulkner, Mrs Spackman and Mrs Taberer who are located centrally within the college to provide help, guidance and support to both parents and students. The team assists with a variety of issues and concerns specifically focused on welfare and pastoral needs. We firmly believe that no issue is too small and will always try our best to help. Issues can range from friendship issues to lost property, to liaising with home. We also have a variety of different interventions that we run to help support students.

As a college, we aim to support students with their attendance. Students can sometimes struggle to attend school for example due to anxiety, friendship issues or external concerns. We will support any student as best we can to help them overcome their worries and give them the best possible chance of accessing their education. We use a variety of different strategies to achieve this. 

We are also very proactive in supporting the transition process for year 6 students, trying to find out as much information as we can for each child, therefore, being able to make their transition as smooth as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any worries or concerns you may have. We will reply to you as soon as we possibly can.

Student Development

Within Discovery we have a variety of events that support each students development.

Academic achievement is enhanced by inviting professionals from our local community to share their stories to bring real experiences to their Humanities lessons. For example, every year we invite a survivor of the Holocaust to address all of Year 8. A large part of Humanities is project work either individual or within groups which is produced to exhibition standard and is displayed around the town.

Interventions are organised for both students’ academic attainment and their well-being to ensure they make good progress in all their subjects whilst in Key Stage 3.

Our students take pride in their work and we encourage them to consider presenting their work to the wider audience, for example their parents at events such as the Show and Tell where certain students are presented with Principal certificates at an informal afternoon. 

All parents receive the termly newsletter with details of all events both academic and pastoral achievements as well as personal achievements.

All Year 7 students collate their best work for each subject and set up an exhibition for their parents who we welcome into the school for the Festival of Learning at the end of the year.

We encourage students to think about others. Every year Discovery students chose a charity they wish to support and each form group organises a fund-raising event, additionally we organise a themed Fun Run which student can choose to raise sponsorship for.

We encourage participation in our annual Open Evening as a Tour Guide, this enhances each student’s confidence which is developed alongside their Performing Arts studies.

We offer extensive enrichment activities, such as trips organised by, for example the Language department to the Christmas markets and the annual Pantomime trip.