Hellenthal, Germany

Hellenthal germany

Destination of Trip - Hellenthal, Germany

Date of Trip

Monday 15th July 2024 - Friday 19th July 2024

Summary Information

Monday 15th July: Students will depart Homewood and travel by coach and ferry to Hellenthal. 

They will have evening entertainment with their assigned mentors. 

Tuesday 16th July: Students will go to the local town and do some sight seeing. They will also go on a boat trip and toboggan ride. Then to finish the day trip, we will stop off at an ice cream cafe, where students can try German speciality ice cream, like ‘Spaghettieis’. 

Wednesday 17th July: Students will stay on sight and take part in team games, such as high rope climbing, big swings, ladder climbing and German games. . 

In the evening, students will take part in games and quizzes. 

Thursday 18th July: Students will go to the famous theme park ‘Phantasialand’. 

Friday 19th July: We will depart Hellenthal and make our way back to Homewood by coach and ferry. 

Trip Leader

Mrs V Roberts  


Other Staff Attending

Miss A Boehm 

Mr L Lawrence