Parents' Consultations 2022

16 December

Consultation Days for Years 8-13 will take place on 12th/13th/14th January, unfortunately due to the current Covid situation we cannot hold the appointments face to face, therefore we will  be using the same system as last year via the school loud.

School Loud

Please note, on Friday 14th January students in Years 8-14 are expected to complete the work set in their Google Classrooms whilst at home. Year 7 students must come into school and attend their timetabled lessons as usual.

Letters have been posted home with login details - please keep these details safe as you will need them to book your appointments and also to access the appointment in January.

If you have not used the system before, or need a reminder on how to use the system, please see the links below - one shows how to make appointments, the other shows how to access appointments

Parents Evening SupportA guide is also attached for your information.

Parent Guide ConsultationsBest wishes
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