Mr Doodle donates £10K to Homewood’s graphics department

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News - 24 June

Former Homewood student and now acclaimed international artist Sam Cox, better known as Mr Doodle, is donating £10,000 to Homewood’s art and graphic design department where he first developed his distinctive and unconventional creative style.  

The 27-year old artist, who has a jaw-dropping 2.8million Instagram followers and can command six figure sums for his OCD (obsessive compulsive drawing) works at auction, is a former student of the Tenterden-based school which he attended from 2005 to 2012. 

Sam visited the school in March to confirm the generous donation and make a socially distanced giant cheque presentation to Homewood’s Head of Graphics Morgan Davies and Homewood Principal Jeremy Single – of course, embellished with some of his signature doodles. 

Since leaving Homewood and forging his stellar career path, Sam has continued to maintain a close connection with the school and regularly returns to run creative workshops for students. He has even decorated several spaces within the school with his intricate and fun doodles. 

Explaining why he was making the donation, Sam said: “Homewood School has always been such an important place to me. I have such fond memories of drawing away endlessly with such amazing encouragement and guidance from my teachers. I really value those years, and the work I created at Homewood still remains amongst my favourites. Whilst drawing each day, my mind still reverts back to the classroom and my Graphics lessons, which is where it all began for me. It feels great to be able to give something back to the school, the department and the teacher who gave me so many opportunities and so much support. Mr Davies is an inspirational teacher and even to this day he still regularly advises me on my work. I cannot thank him enough! I truly hope that the donation will help to provide something that the department and the students lucky enough to study Graphic Design at Homewood will find useful for years to come.” 

Homewood regularly achieves top results in A level Art and Graphic Design, with many students going on to study at the country’s most prestigious art colleges and establishments. 

Accepting the donation, Morgan Davies said:

“Sam has always given generously of his time to encourage and coach current Homewood students to find and express their creativity but this donation was completely unexpected. We haven’t yet decided what we will use the money for within the department; we need to think carefully about ensuring that it will be used to benefit the maximum number of students over time to discover and reach their artistic potential.”

Principal Jeremy Single said:“Sam’s enthusiasm for passing on his love of being creative is infectious and that is worth its weight in gold for our students. On top of that, a donation on this scale will make a real difference to the resources we can provide to help students to harness that creative spark and nurture many more successful Homewood artists to follow in his footsteps.” 

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