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Focusing on the world itself; we all live here, we should know how it works, who inhabits it and the way they manage their environment.

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At Key Stage 3 all year 7 and year 8 students study History as part of Total Curriculum. They cover topics of 1066 and medieval life, The English Civil War, Slavery, Changing Role of Women, Jack the Ripper, World War I and World War II. We aim to teach important skills of analysis, interpretation and communication as well as knowledge.

At Key Stage 4  In the first three terms of Year 9, students will complete three units of study to allow them to prepare and practice key skills they need for their GCSE studies. As part of the Year 9 course they may take a field trip to the Battlefields in Belgium or the Somme this provides students with an opportunity to complete additional study on the first unit about WWI. Towards the end of Year 9 students will start their GCSE  units of study. In year 10 and 11 students will continue with their GCSE History studies. They build on the skills they have learned and also do a developmental study during year 10 on Medicine & Health Through Time OR Crime and Punishment Through Time. They also undertake a controlled assessment about Government and Protest in the USA 1945-70 OR The impact of war on Britain 1914-50. During year 11 they will study Germany during 1918-1945 in depth. Throughout their GCSE studies students will develop key skills: asking questions, planning research, working in groups, sustaining an enquiry, ICT skills, reviewing progress and communicating results appropriately to different audiences and for different purposes.

At Key Stage 5 students can do an AS or A2 level History. During year 12 they study: Unit 1H Democracies in change: Britain transformed, 1918-97. This is a breadth study with interpretations. Unit 2H.1: The USA, c1920-55: Boom, bust and recovery. This is a depth study that requires students to use detailed knowledge of the time period and analyse and evaluate source material. In year 13 they study The French Revolution and complete coursework on Crime and Punishment in Britain 1830-1965.


The History Department are keen to develop links with the community and as a result have organised the following:

History club is run every week by Mr Clough. It provides an opportunity for students to get help with their homework or complete historical research and prepare for and enter history competitions. They also have the opportunity to do local research in conjunction with the Tenterden Museum and display their work. In addition to this, research is also carried out via various trips.

Each Year Mrs Munro prepares two Year 12 students for the Historical Association’s Debate. This can be on any historical topic and is an opportunity for students to research the discipline further and experience presenting a formal argument and debating the issues raised, with peers.

In addition two Year 13 students are given the opportunity to participate in the Lessons from Auschwitz Project, where they attend a preparatory workshop in London and then go to Poland and visit Auschwitz for a day. After this the students attend a final workshop to reflect on the day and the significance of what they have learned and how it can be used to teach and inform others.