Geography KS5

World College

Focusing on the world itself; we all live here, we should know how it works, who inhabits it and the way they manage their environment.

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Your teachers may set you particular flipped learning tasks in preparation of your next lesson. In addition to this, you should ensure that you are keeping up to date with case studies in the news and also reading around the topics you are studying. In order to achieve a high grade you will need to widen your knowledge outside of the classroom. 


Current Year 13 only


Key stage 5 courses in Geography

A Level

Edexcel from 2008

Students opt to study AS Geography in either Year 11 or 12 and a large number continue on to A2 and achieve some of the best A-level results in the school.

During their AS year students complete four units and sit two public exams. Students have two teachers throughout their A-level course at Homewood.

From September through to January students study Unit 1 ‘Global Challenges’ with one teacher and then students will study ‘Risky World’ a unit which looks into the issues of global natural hazards and how they threaten some areas of the world more than others. They will then go on to focus on climate change and global warming, particularly focusing on the causes, effects and a range of management approaches to these environmental challenges.

At the same time, the students will be studying ‘Going global’ with their other teacher. In this unit, students cover a range of issues relating to today’s rapid economic changes which are impacting unfairly on people across the world, students then study the international issues associated with population change and migration.

Students all sit their Unit 1 exam in January of their AS year.

On completion of the Unit 1 exam, the students commence Unit 2 ‘Geographical Investigations’ again with two teachers, one teacher focuses on ‘Crowded Coasts’ whilst the other ‘Rebranding places’.

As part of this unit students spend 4 days on a residential trip to the south coast, visiting Alfriston,  Hastings, Brighton and Pett level in East Sussex. Whilst on this residential trip, students are focusing on the issues associated with crowded coasts and rebranding places, collating data to help them prepare for their examination in June of their AS year.

Crowded Coasts allows students to explore and carry out a range of studies of contrasting coastal environments, exploring competing and conflicting land uses, and evaluating the pressures created by development. It considers how vulnerable and valuable coastlines face a growing physical risk from rapid coast erosion and coastal flooding. The unit concludes by looking at coastal management, investigating protection and conservation strategies for the present and the future.

Rebranding places provides students the opportunity to appreciate that the rural and urban environment includes a variety of places, some that are characterised by wealth, opportunity and excitement but at the same time, others suffer from dereliction, deprivation and are fighting to survive. The unit involves studying a range of re-imaging and regeneration projects and includes a wide range of strategies which have been used by different places to reinvent themselves in the hope of providing a more prosperous future. On completion of this unit, students have an awareness as to why rebranding is necessary and an awareness of how public/private funding is used to implement flagship and community projects and the wide range of stakeholders that are involved in the process.

At A2 students complete a wide range of topics in preparation for their Unit 3 exam at the end of their A2 year. The topics covered are listed below:

  • Energy Security
  • Water Conflicts
  • Biodiversity under threat    
  • Superpower Geographies
  • Bridging the Development Gap and Technological Fix

Having studied these topics, students will have a choice in the exam, of two questions from two topics – their third question is compulsory and will be from one of the six topics, but is a synoptic style question.

As with AS, students at A2 have two teachers. Whilst students are studying the above topics with one teacher, the other prepares students for their Unit 4 exam ‘Geographical Research’ which is sat in the January of their A2 year.

The topic students research is from the title ‘Tectonic Activity and Hazards’ and through the teachers guidance, students prepare themselves to write an academic report in the exam.