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Sixthform Blog by Amber Clifton


And so the end of term has arrived, students have successfully worked through the first 8 weeks of their first or second year of A levels, and have completed over 140 hours of timetabled lessons. So far this term, the Sixth Form team and cabinet have been working hard putting together charity events, bringing in outside speakers and making sure that all students are working to their full potential.

Our “Woman in Black” fright night raised over £200 for the KS5 charity Safe Anaesthesia International, alongside our first charity bake sale.

Over 40 Sixth Form students have trained to mentor and support younger students across the school, creating student bonds ranging from KS3 through to KS5.  During weekly assemblies the Sixth Form has showcased successes, as well as bringing in speakers such as Chris Target from CXK to talk about careers and further education. Now they're putting together an assembly on Hurricane Matthew to raise awareness on global issues across the world.

I wish everyone a good break and hope to see you all ready for the next term in two weeks time.



Sixth Form Blog by William Russell


As the days of Easter roll in, students now have only a month and a bit before the exams begin in earnest. Everyone is stressing themselves; trying to get as much done with the time they have left to get the grades they want.

Despite this, they sixth Form cabinet still worked to yet again put together various charity events for Safe Anaesthesia International. We organised another film night, this time showing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, which raised £90 for the charity. We are also having another bake sale in a few days.

Additionally, many members of the cabinet introduced potential new Six-Form members the wonders of Homewood School and its facilities. We hope that many of them are inspired to join us next year.

Homewood school hopes you all a happy Easter break, and that you all will be rested and ready to get ready for your exams.