Sixth Form Café

Pabulum are proud to provide the catering service at Homewood Sixth Form College. They are a devoted and dedicated team of food loving professionals with a passion for creating healthy, nutritionally balanced and delicious food.

Pabulum run a daily service in the Sixth Form Cafe from 9.30am to 1.30pm, providing great food throughout breakfast, break and lunch. We also deliver a premium coffee and hot drinks service throughout the day.

They feel so strongly about educating the younger generations in the need-to-feed on fresh, wholesome food, because it's through a balanced diet and healthy food choices that you can maintain higher concentration levels. Pabulum also want to provide the tools for our young adults to make healthy food choices, giving them the knowledge to keep a healthy and balanced diet through their adult life.

At Homewood we have a dedicated Pabulum catering team bringing you fresh food every day, there is always a wide variety of options including a variety of freshly prepared hot snacks with tasty vegetarian alternatives and a range of chilled grab and go products available. Our experienced Chef Manager is always on hand to discuss any dietary requirements and offer alternative solutions if required.