Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

It has been suggested by some economic forecasters that as much as 65% of today’s secondary school students will grow up to work in jobs that have not yet been created.

How do we help prepare the next generation to join the workforce if there are not only too few jobs, but jobs that don’t yet exist?

At Homewood we keep this in the forefront of our mind when we design and deliver careers education, information, advice and guidance. Our aim is to provide our learners with a broad curriculum and to enable our learners to be proactive in their own career planning, and to be flexible and adaptable. We help Homewood students develop their employability skills, such as effective communication skills, numeracy/literacy, team working, problem solvingcomputer literacy.

Careers education and information

As part of the four Mentoring focus days which are spread throughout the academic year all year 7-11 students will receive a bespoke careers education and information programme which has been designed to provide our learners with the knowledge and skills required in an ever changing employment market. As part of this programme learners will be introduced to the National Careers Service website and local labour market information

Careers advice and guidance

In years 10 and 11 students will have continuous learning conversations with their teachers and tutors, plus mentoring meetings four times a year, many of these conversations will involve career planning. Tutors will pass the names of any learners with ongoing concerns to Mr B Harper the Principal Teacher for Careers IAG. If Mr Harper is not able to resolve the concern a face to face meeting with a professional careers advisor from CXK ltd can be arranged. It is not Homewood School policy for every student to receive a face to face meeting with a careers advisor, because for many it is not necessary, however if such a meeting is deemed to be necessary it will be arranged.

All year 11 students will receive small group sessions with careers experts, a programme of which will be created to meet the specific needs of all learners. All year 11 learners will be introduced to the website, this site should be used for all post sixteen applications, Homewood or any other educational establishment. In addition all year 11 students together with their parents/carers are invited to a meeting to discuss post 16 progression.