GCSE Results at Homewood

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GCSE results at Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre

For the first time this year, English and Maths GCSE results have been published with the new grading system in which students are graded from 9 to 1, instead of the A*-G grading system which is still in use for all other subjects.  In the light of the uncertainties this change has brought in for all schools this year, Homewood is delighted to report a strong set of GCSE results which properly reflect the hard work and commitment of its students.  Overall, results show an upward trend across the board.  Subjects such as English, Dance, Drama, PE, Religious Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Art and Design have come through particularly strongly with over 70% of grades achieved at Grade 4/C or above.  English results were the best in the school’s history, with 73% achieving a Grade 4 or above (“standard pass – equivalent to the old Grade C”) and 56% achieving a Grade 5 or above (“strong pass”). 

As always, there are individual students who have achieved particularly well.  The three top performers were Kit Lingwood (English Lang 6, English Lit 7, Maths 7, Science A, Geography A, German B, History A*, Mandarin A*, Triple Science A, Higher Level Project A*), Luke Cowdry Howes (English Language 7, English Lit 7, Maths 6, Science A, Geography A, History A*, German C, Applied Science A, Triple Science A, Higher Level Project A) and Oliver Prior (English Lang 7, English Lit 8, Maths 6, Science A, Geography B, French B, Science B, Applied Science B, Science Additional A, PE A).  Other students who achieved at least 3 A/A* grades (7/8/9 on the new system) included Emma Field, Georgina Wood, Evie Baker, Ed Riley, Christy Lester, Igor Galecki and Tasha Dziumak whilst Olivia Wilson, Sophie Helme and George Benson also achieved extremely impressive outcomes.

Mrs Lees, Principal, commented: “This has been a year of unprecedented change.  The new GCSEs in English and Maths included more curriculum content than ever before and English was assessed entirely through examination with no coursework or controlled assessments as in previous years.  The new grading system for these two subjects introduced even more uncertainty, but I am delighted to say that our students and staff have embraced the challenge of the new courses and they have been rewarded in a very strong set of results.  Having gained our “Good” Ofsted in May 2017, it is the icing on the cake to have this assessment of our school so clearly reinforced in its GCSE and A-level outcomes this year.”

Mrs Lees went on to pay tribute to the dedication and professionalism of her staff who have mastered the changes to exams at GCSE and A-level and given their students such excellent support.  She also praised the students for showing exceptional resilience: “The potential for young people to be overwhelmed by the demands and pressures of their exams increases every year, but our students showed great resilience, worked hard and gave the exams their best shot, ably supported by their teachers and pastoral staff.  I am proud of them all.”  

August 2017

Emma - English Lang 5, English Lit 7, Maths 8, Science B, French C, Business A, Science Additional A, Photography B, Catering L2 BTEC Merit

Christy Lester -  English Lang 9, English Lit 7, Maths 5, Science B, History A, German C, ERS B, Science Additional B, PE B, Higher Level Project C

Tasha Dziumak - English Lang 8, English Lit 6, Maths 4, Science B, Geography B, German D, ERS A*, Business B,  Science Additional C, Higher Level Project A*

Ed Riley - English Lang 6, English Lit 6, Maths 7, Science A*, Geography B, German C, ERS B, Applied Science C, Triple Science A, Higher Level Project C

Georgia Greetham - English Lang 8, English Lit 8, Maths 6, Science B, Geography B, French B, Media A, Science Additional B, Drama C

Igor - English Lang 5, English Lit 6, Maths 5, Science B, History A, German B, Media A, Science Additional A, Drama C, Higher Level Project A

Sophie - English Lang 9, English Lit 8, Maths 5, Science B, Geography C, French B, Business B, Science Additional B, Child Development B

George - English Lang 7, English Lit 5, Maths 6, Science B, Geography B, Mandarin B, Business B, PE A, Science Additional C