KS4 Curriculum Offer - Year 8

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Online Option Selection Form https://goo.gl/6fKBDC

The Year 8 choice season got underway on the 7th December with Mr Lawson leading an assembly regarding the option process. Students will be given an option form and letter prior to the Christmas break to bring home.

Over the Christmas break/early January students should receive their full academic report so they have an up-to-date overview of their progress.

The process starts in earnest on the 17th January 2018 when parents and students are invited to option evening where they can discuss with class teachers their future plans as well as exploring all options, many of which are new in Year 9.

Following the option evening, you will be invited to a tutor evening when further discussion can be had regarding academic progress and options. 

  • The option form on the video has altered slightly from the published option form.
  • The I College information in the video has changed. Along with English, Maths and Science students will have to take one or more of the following options in I-College:  Business, Statistics, Citizenship or Geography. Students will also selected up to three options in addition to the I-College.  


Introduction and letter from Principle https://goo.gl/ckRWFN | PDF Version

Pathways https://goo.gl/6Wzi7K | PDF Version

Glossary of Terms https://goo.gl/UwiQrf | PDF Version

Course Selection

Course Information https://goo.gl/xAfcZN | PDF Version

Options Form https://goo.gl/DvUqKm | PDF Version

I College Information https://goo.gl/XYVV38 | PDF Version

Option Selection

We would prefer for option selection to be made online at the link below, however we will also accept signed paper copies of the option form. You will need the student pin number sent to you in the options letter to select courses online.

Online Option Selection Form https://goo.gl/6fKBDC