History Home Learning - Summer Term

Year 7: Charles 1st

Year 8: Home Front – World War 2

In the summer term in History students in Year 8 will be studying World War 2 and The Home Front. Key themes that will be looked at include:

  • What was life like for evacuees?
  • How could you stay safe in the Blitz?
  • How effective was the government in keeping morale high?
  • Could the bombing of Dresden be considered a war crime?
  • Could you have survived rationing?
  • Why were women significant in the outcome of World War 2?
  • Who was responsible for the Bethnal Green tube station disaster?
  • How reliable is the film Hope and Glory?
  • How useful is ‘Carrie’s war’ for a student studying the Home Front?

This term’s work will have an accompanying iBook and iTunes U course