Discovery College

Discover the exciting world of Secondary Education, prepare for the start of your GCSEs and learn all about the world and life ahead of you.

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Our aim in Discovery College is a very simple one, to ensure that all our students have the very best opportunity to excel and realise their potential in a rigorous but very supportive learning environment.  

Over a number of years the curriculum that we offer at Homewood School has been widely praised for its breadth of opportunity and innovation and in Discovery College we will continue this development. Students will follow a range of eleven subjects taught both independently and in collaborative projects where students apply their learning in real projects based on the world in which we live. This will allow all our students to develop in depth subject knowledge and skills but also the chance to apply their knowledge and work in a way that mirrors what will be expected of them as they pass through the school and into the world beyond. The use of ICT is be central to our curriculum, including the development of our iPad strategy to support learning in the classroom and preparation and enrichment activities that can be completed at home.