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The AQA GCSE offers students the chance to learn the skills required over three years and take the time to hone and polish them in the security of the classroom before sitting a final examination. This allows learners time to develop an understanding of Drama and it’s technicalities that will see them feel more confident at discussing the subject on an academic level. This will enable them to study drama further at a higher level which naturally leads onto the A Level Theatre Studies Course. You will study scripts as well as creating your own devised performances. You will study a variety of styles and techniques both vocally and physically and be offered opportunities to put these skills into practice and perform publicly.  The topics covered are below:

Year One

Introduction to course - Skills workshops to develop their basic skills including Voice, Physicality and Movement, Improvisation

Scripted Plays – Studying and acting using a variety of genre plays

Devising Plays – Students learn how to devise their own plays from a stimulus, learning devising techniques and concepts

Year Two

Investigating Practitioners – looking at drama playwrights and practitioners who have developed drama over the years.

Study of set work – studying the set text through both practical and written means preparing for the final exam in year 3

Devising techniques – Preparation of skills and written log leading up to the final exam

Year 3

Preparation for practical and written exams which will be taken at the end of the year.

1. Understanding Drama 40%- Examined in a single written exam at the end of the course. Three sections: Multiple choice; Set Play; Production Seen

2. Devising Drama 40%- Working as a group and keeping a log. Internally marked and externally moderated, there are 60 marks available for the log and 20 for the actual piece.

Texts in Practice (performing) 20%- Performance of two extracts from one play. Externally assessed by AQA.

Revision sessions will be on a Tuesday after school for current year 11 from January 2017. There are other ways that the students can continue their learning at home by learning lines of scripts, reading the set text, revising drama terms on Memrise http://www.memrise.com/course/1193738/homewood-aqa-gcse-drama/ and the online revision booklet.

Relevant websites: