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Creativity reigns supreme - whether you're starring on stage, creating on canvas, motivating with music, a wonderous wordsmith or an aspiring athlete, our college will prepare you to become the best of the best!

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We are a large department, with 13 members of staff (including 2 technicians and an HLTA).  Our facilities are split between 3 buildings.  We are fortunate enough to have 2 kilns, 2 dark rooms, 2 studio rooms, 1 laser cutter, 1 workshop classroom, 1 technician’s workshop, sewing machines, 2 classroom digital whiteboards,  4 classroom flat screen TV projectors, 4 classroom overhead projectors and a range of Apple Mac computers and laptops.

KS3 Art & Design & Technology

Year 7 and Year 8 students are taught a combination of the National Curriculum for Art and Design along with Design Technology – hence the departmental name. Students are taught how to use a range of materials and techniques, links to historical and cultural references, and develop and explore ideas and communication about their project. One project could be completed within one term, or the project may be expanded into different learning experiences over the course of many weeks. The aim is for students to have experienced a broad range of Art & Design & Technology skills in order to make an informed judgement about possibly continuing in this department for any of our GCSE/AS/A2 level courses in the future.  Many projects also have a ‘live’ brief, or outcome linked to the community to encourage Project Based Learning.

During KS3 students also have the opportunity to have one term each year of Food Technology lessons.  Students learn about healthy eating, food/kitchen hygiene and safety, and preparation and cooking of healthy food recipes. This prepares students that may wish to choose Catering as an option in yr9.

KS4 Art & Design & Technology

In year 9 students can choose any of these GCSE course options: Fine Art, Textiles, Graphics, Photography, 3.D Design or Product Design. These are all with the AQA exam board with the exception of 3.D Design which is with OCR. All options consist of 60% coursework projects and 40% exam project. Students may select up to 2 of these option subjects together. Most students will complete the course in 2 years, but there is the opportunity to complete it in 3 years depending on individual circumstances.

KS5 Art & Design & Technology

We also offer AS and A2 level course in Fine Art, Textiles, Graphics, Photography, 3.D Design and Product Design.  These are all with the OCR exam board with the exception of Graphics which is with Edexcel. All options consist of projects that build up towards final piece/s created in a 2 or 3 day practical examination. Students are expected to have achieved grade C in one of these subjects at GCSE level before advancing to AS level, and achieved a grade A to E at AS level before advancing to A2 level. In KS5 we also offer all of our GCSE Art & Design & Technology subjects as one year GCSE options. We hold an annual public exhibition of the AS/A2 work usually in September.  All examination courses are subject to group numbers, although smaller group sizes are suitable for these practical subjects. 

We encourage expression of ideas and feelings, vibrancy and creative freedom. There are no boundaries to imagination and creative thinking!