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The I-College at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre blends recognised teaching methods with independent learning to offer a holistic and rounded curriculum that enables students to become self-motivated learners, who take responsibility for their progress and success. The I-College develops and enhances employability skills, working ethos and development that are demanded by employers and Higher Education providers.

The I-College is a fully supervised nurturing and friendly working environment whereby students can work and succeed at their own pace without the restrictions of timetable or teacher dictated pace. Our style of Teaching and Learning allow for us to personalise learning to suit the ability, pace and needs of individual students.

A structured mentoring programme demands frequent self and teacher evaluation so that students are able to take responsibility for their learning and as a staff we are able to act quickly to fulfil specific learning needs – this may take the form of small group workshops, quality one-to-one time and interventions or larger group (up to 15 students) tasks, discussions and teaching.

Our approach enables us to use the success of Homewood’s student led teaching styles, the skills of our quality teaching staff while still offering an excellent range of subject opportunities. All this is in the familiar Homewood environment whereby students can stay in touch with friends new and old.

In the I-College learners can study:

  • AQA GCSE English Language
  • AQA GCSE English Literature
  • EDEXCEL GCSE Mathematics
  • AQA GCSE Core, Additional and Triple Science
  • EDEXCEL GCSE Business Studies
  • AQA GCSE Geography
  • Students will leave the I-College to attend lessons in two elective subjects (it is encouraged that one of these is a language).
  • PE is run as a compulsory programme tailored for the I-College students.
  • Students follow a full PSHRE programme.
  • Learning is enhanced by visits, visitors and real experiences.

The I-College has no timetable, learners are guided by teachers, learning objectives, resources and activities, and they are supported in prioritising their learning with the help and support of subject coaches and learning mentors. Learning can take many forms – Individual tasks and activities, group and collaborative projects, teacher led sessions and activities.

The learning in the I-College is flipped; learners independently equip themselves so that, with teacher support, they can carry out tasks and hold discussions that build on their understanding. They work together to consolidate and extend their learning and they are tracked and supported following close monitoring of assessment data.

Learners take responsibility for their own learning and how they spend their time (with mentoring and support).  We believe all students have the right to a purposeful working environment without disturbance or disruption.

I-College – Inclusive, innovative, independent, inspiring, interesting, industrious -  College

Please get in touch to book a visit so you can see the I-College in action.

Mrs Kate Farrell

Director of I-College

01580 764222 (347)